Poems about Immigration

A Butterfly In Winter   How dare you dance in this cold temperature? Are you being neglected by mother nature?
Am I The Same? For me, experiencing life in college Was the ultimate challenge
Querida Mama, I hope one day I will be brave enough. Enough to tell you that I see your pain 
Restricted, Confined to this world we are bind. Slavery, Immigration causing nothing but frustration.  
Sahabat, bila engkau berkenan kusurati, hendak sekali hati kecil ini mempertanyakan.  
You are not mine You belong to others Others who mistreat and abuse They take you in Chew you up
People gone are they Yet still stay I Illuminating them in my salitued
Take me back to the days Where the feel of texture and distinguishing colors among Africans didn't matter
Dear Mr. Trump,   I feel like I’m living in a required reading novel,
Standing at the mouth, seeing the belly of the beast. Steps I take toward the impending digestion.