Poems about Immigration

I once was reading the web page of the CNN and I saw an article about how white politicians were denying refugees from South America leav
You’ve taught my people that our presence here was crucial
Run mama runThat man has got a gunHe’s gunning for your sonWhat has your son done?
Look among you, bless all you In The desert running on a boat stuck at sea some won't like us some will love us
I see you, old f(r)iend It was about time I came back again I am crawling on my knees
A mentor is not always a person you see. A mentor can be anything that motivates me.
we were the ones who had to flee we were the ones who had to leave became a gang of broken families
Take my hand It doesn't feel the same Cause in my dreams, you always stay Never close, but never far away
Happy Fourth of July. On this day 241 years ago congress established a new nation, the United States of America. America the great.
Where do I belong? Where is my home? I am not like the people of my parents country