Poems about Immigration

~My Beloved Tonti Girl~   All my life you were there for me
Privilege is realizing that You have no gag reflex over a porcelain bowl
They had me… They had me… They had me on my knees… begging for me to return back
37.1 trillion cells 23 pairs of chromosomes 46 chromosomes total
Land of the free , They sayBut are we ? They say Be who you want to be We say But we are not from your country They sayPlea.For you are g
You came unto me Because you love me   And because I love you I will protect you   
Darkest art the days I have live, Painful are the thoughts I think
A mother,  looking down at her child, giving kisses to his forehead, and holding him close.
music is more harmony  than color is movement observe this world  as an empty rhythm 
No matter what I have to overcome I will reach you No wall can stop me from helping you