Poems about Immigration

The people that see us, Don't really know, The suffering memories, We get to hold, Deep in our hearts,
When I leave my corazón de melón, You're the reason mommy will be alright. Alone you won't be.  
We don't talk about her Her tough brown skin lingers in a corner We don't talk about it
All these issues in the world, don’t sugar coat it. I know you that you know this:
I’d love to rest my head on my mother's shoulder but,
As long as I can remember, my parents have been my role models.
Because I'm a immigrant i cant do things i wish i can do
To you, who flew in face of everything despite the world's old plans, Like a flower blooming after the garden was torched.
My Father By: Ariel Tapia My father is my hero He has given up so much
I am from red soap and red skies I am from limonada con tehuacan