Poems about Immigration

White walls Question my worth because you can then drain my essence through your fingers
I am the knight that saves the princess,  I am the knight that slays the dragon,
To my ancestors, I wished you would have never come To this dreamland, imagineland, make it what you want land.
Once upon a time people lived in peace And everybody's sadness came to cease
They put us in oppression. They drown us in depression. It's nothing but discrimination.
Gracias Mama For my Nicaraguan roots For leaving tu lindo Managua Gracias for giving up your dream and passion as an international dancer
Ringing bells, tied to the wings of a knight’s nightingale,  Is it the melody of the bells or fraught cry of that gale?
This nation is closing in  The borders are suffocating The immigrants have to leave But, why? 
Trudging and dragging In the scorching heat Gravel and dust blows