Poems about Politics

I have never know what it's felt like to be heartbroken 
Seems like forever A boy with a Peter Pan face Walked into my life   A split across the people
This whole year is all a giant blur to me. Ask me about specific happenings, And I'll recount them to you faithfully.
I've seen through my eyes, A world laid out before me. A world that's experienced a year of growth,
 My skin is brown so you call me blackThey aint happy when it’s nappy, ain't that a factYou claim my brothers are hoodlums and hoodrats Y
Binge-watching took over,Senioritis set in,My life slowly crumbling,Right before my eyes.
I’m tired…   I’m tired of hearing people complain… About the election, About the public,
Lovely that we get to live here.                                     
  365 days ago from today The date was January... Something
I couldn’t tell you what I thought at the beginning of this year Every word people said were just words that…