Poems about Politics

The Conscience of America  
The building filled with people who all look alike Crowded and crammed cheering the loudest they could
What did your uncle say? (Or another man-to-man…): When you become a man, You’ll understand life more than a boy can,
Through small eyes and a smaller perception I could see the waters rise Opted out on my own election
The world watches as numbers trickle in. Each state lights up in hues of red or blue.
I’m not going to do this. I turn in the application with shaky hands. I’m never going to capture their attention.
you were four when you faked your first crush.
Heavy head got me feeling dizzy Can't get these thoughts out my head, wish it coulda been easy
Spews out the maw bare n paws size of a bear yes, him Donald Trump with maniacal glare
My first vote A first step to Tommorow.