Poems about Politics

It is August of 2012 and I walk through your memories, a museum. My feet pace the floor where yours once did, a battleground.
I have dreamed about working in a city council in the state of Texas for quite a while.
Who am I? I am me, Come and view the world as I see, My name is Jayla and I really like school,
Please do not misunderstand my words I love democracy very much Its just that every four years in this nation
Yes, he lost the election But the scary part is apparently 47 percent of my fellow Hoosiers
Look at this room, Why does everybody look the same? Are we still in the same Atlanta, Georgia?
I saw the world for what it truly is when i closed my eyes. She figured out her worth when she closed her thighs
  The platforms are my heels, votes garnered with the slick smile on my face.
A story goes untold as life unfolds, trying to save a soul while mine is being sold, stormy nights in my soul this beauty gets old.
Yes! Yes! He accept my friend request I could remember the joy that filled my soul