Wed, 01/28/2015 - 23:19 -- K2015



For those who judge me on my skin,

Look in the mirror, can you say ‘I love myself’ like I can?

All you want is to tear me down.

Why? So I can stock up on your beauty cosmetics to fix myself?

Losing money on something I could never cover up forever.

Each penny wasted on foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, etc

Should have been spent towards sweets and presents

Showering myself with gifts because I am proud of who I am, for I am


Forget the hate they spew,

Learn to love every inch of yourself.

Any imperfection you see is perfect to me,

Wanting to change should be a cardinal sin.

Losing weight isn’t necessary darling.

Erasing parts of you just makes you blurry,

Sharpen your pencils and draw them back,

Sharpie over it because you are


Frankly I love my eyes,

Like the way they shine when I get

Animated, especially when I talk about theatre

Which I hope will lead me to the big

Leagues one day. So maybe

Each day I will think about my eyes

So when I fear I am not worthy they can remind me

Sweet girl, you are worth so much more than you believe. For you are


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