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' Make your life rich with compassion and not with wealth' Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka All rights are reserved.
6 hours 23 min ago
'If husband does his duty towards his wife then his wife will make their family proud, if father does his duty towards his children then
6 hours 26 min ago
Acknowledging I lived in a white dominated patriarchal society I felt this extreme anxiety
7 hours 11 min ago
focusing in a deep way dreaming about last summer thinking about   feeling a spark
7 hours 37 min ago
I wish I can explain you. I wish I could explain your eyes, and the sound of your voice gives me butterflies.
7 hours 43 min ago
I am realizing that I don't know how to be empty. Even at my lowest I find my throat full of words
8 hours 45 min ago
Sixty million Americans are awake when they don’t want to be, no they don’t want to die that’s only 45,000.
9 hours 55 sec ago
Hola hermosa. Espero que todo esté bien con ese hermosa cuerpo tuyo.
9 hours 6 min ago
always.       a word that evokes hope and joy criticized.       words that never seem to fade me.
9 hours 22 min ago
American lawyer and writer, Michelle Obama, sucks and what I'm saying is true;
9 hours 52 min ago