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You placed roots in my wound and I wrenched them out, thinking my thigh had healed, I continued on my way.
8 min 40 sec ago
It’s not when you broke me into a million pieces that I fell apart, 
10 min 55 sec ago
Drowning. Tears falling. You’re falling. I’m falling.
1 hour 32 min ago
TW: ED   Pick it up. Put it back down.
1 hour 50 min ago
And maybe I hate the silence After all; I am the silence. Empty and alone;
2 hours 23 min ago
I Am A Pine   You had me believe you were a beauty  A seed, a flower, a fruit, a sweet, to me you seemed 
3 hours 28 min ago
THE STARS THAT SHINES IN HEAVEN'S Oh, how I wonderhow the stars and the moon get along in late June.
3 hours 34 min ago
Some nights you feel like there's a thousand galaxies exploding in every inch of you
4 hours 21 min ago
       8:16 PM   Fear Agony And despair. The three things 
4 hours 27 min ago
It's hard to explain The hate I feel  When I look into the mirror When I see my reflection
4 hours 58 min ago