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It's a feeling.A feeling that you're wrong.A mistake.A freak.  
48 min 21 sec ago
My wonderful mother, so humble and kind Never asked for anything but homemade cards and health
52 min 43 sec ago
Too stressed that I can't think straight I stretched my hands forth in search of help, but found none.
57 min 2 sec ago
  .You are rising with no knowledge of it 
57 min 22 sec ago
My pockets were full of my bad experiences, carrying them with me where ever I went
1 hour 19 min ago
TEN toes as he counts them Curling and uncurling As he commands them to move
1 hour 24 min ago
Guilt is a painful, dreadful being. Guilt is the most powerful being of all,
1 hour 40 min ago
Everytime i see the rain i think of time as it drops when it drops i hear the splash the splash goes around and around when it hits the w
3 hours 12 min ago
I don't feel real. Am I a ghost? It’s cold but I don't shiver.
3 hours 22 min ago
You cradled the same head that I now carry high,
3 hours 57 min ago