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The Shorter Days   Sitting in a classroom, Staring at the clock;
6 min 31 sec ago
it’s funny how you dream of something  your entire life and the moment it’s there 
8 min 57 sec ago
You gave me a hug, I pushed you away. You took me to a movie,
10 min 36 sec ago
Tying my shoe: Not something I used to do. Flying to work: An adulting task with cash as a perk.  
13 min 13 sec ago
    When I look back at my past I often think I am a mess
15 min 22 sec ago
Life is a game of chess and I move like a knight: sometimes sideways, even sometimes backwards. I'm down a piece. What to do?
17 min 51 sec ago
When you are born it's dark Then comes the light  You eventually learn to walk and stay up late at night 
19 min ago
The way we see the lotus fails us.  Quite deceitful isn't it?
21 min 6 sec ago
Being a kid is fun, it’s a blast too bad it doesn’t last once your in high school and college then you’ll learn
39 min 5 sec ago
Ever since I can remember my grandmother would take me and my sister to the fair.
39 min 14 sec ago