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When we don’t talk, I feel nostalgic and I want nothing more than to be around you. I long for you, why I’ll never know.
4 hours 21 min ago
Roughly Windswept fickle hairs, Motley, many, green and fair An Intricate commodity  Blindly trampled haughtily
4 hours 46 min ago
You danced in the wind, Such beautiful little flower. Given birth by a sweet, lovely mother.
5 hours 13 min ago
Ever since That terrible day I've been lonely Without you
5 hours 16 min ago
  This young lady One day decided to play in a Broken house Can you picture a broken house.?
5 hours 26 min ago
Esophageal spasms sever breathes Squelched lungs from internal pressures
5 hours 29 min ago
The Situation Past, present, future All within me, omnipresent.
5 hours 36 min ago
    i thrash my way to the top,
5 hours 38 min ago
i'm always fighting. fighting to keep the door open fighting to get out of bed
5 hours 50 min ago
Here I am The passing of time A 70 year old man Death keeps stopping by As my time whines down
6 hours 22 min ago