I dreamt of you again like many other nights.

But this time the dream felt too real.

God, how I wished that it was.

The faint smell of your scent, so fimilar to my senses.

That sound of your voice, was such a relief to my nerves.

God that smile of yours shattered my heart once again.

Oh those lips of yours that drew me to tears.

But at last I woke gasping in the with eyes wondering and searching for you.

My heart once again happened to long for yours.

When you spoke in the dream, you believed that I have hatred towards you.

I admit at a time I did loathe you for what you had done,

but I no longer have it anymore.

I like to believe I have let you go, but I fear I still hold a piece of you.

I have not thought of you in some time.

And I wonder why this dream came upon me.

My only theory is maybe it was you thiking of me this time.


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