She knew when she was 13
The tingle ran through her when she held her hand
The touch was like no other person
Boys weren't her type, but she was
Her hair was like silk, and it smelled like fresh morning air
She knew when she was 13
After heart breaks and more scowls she moved on
Church told her she was the plague
People kept there distance 
They just didn't understand
Why would anyone choose to be treated as an outcast?
Only she was there to listen, to hold her
She knew when she was 13
Confidence strengthens with age
Closets open, and so do arms
Acceptance grows, but she was always standing behind you
The tingle doesn't change, and neither does her love
Love just becomes stronger
No matter what people say
Whether two men, two women or guy and girl love is love
She knew when she was 13


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