13 Isn't Always Unlucky

If in a dictonary,

you stopped to look for me,

you wouldn't find just one word,

you'd come across thirteen.


The first word you would notice

is a couple pages in.

'Creator' would be highlighted

and that's where we begin.


A poem, laughter, and messes

are some things I'm good at making.

I'll write you a lymric, make you giggle,

and leave, with your head shaking.


A few pages later, 

'Daughter' would appear.

Yes, my family is broken,

but that doesn't make it unclear.

My mother is my biggest fan

and always makes me smile.

My father is my hero, and

makes my laugh last awhile.


Skim down a few lines,

'Diabetic' will pop out.

I've been this way for seven years,

and it makes me scream and shout.

With pricks, pokes, and endless needles,

one can never be unsure.

I must take extremely good care,

until there is a cure.


'Friend' would be next,

although, I only have a few.

I tend to lose them here and there,

because I only tell the truth.

I would walk a million miles

for the ones that do stay.

I will go to the moon and back

to make sure they're okay.


Turn a few more pages,

you will know I am blessed,

because I am a 'Granddaughter'

and my grandparents are the best. 

I would give anything

to have them live forever.

Always having open arms,

there is simply no one better.


Next, I am a 'Lover'

of all things tall and bright.

Skyscrapers that touch the stars,

or the shining city lights.

There is also this boy I know

who I've loved for quite some time.

I count myself lucky to have his heart, 

and love that he is mine.


Next in line, I am a 'Niece'

to some goofy women and men.

To me, they're more than aunts and uncles,

they each have become my friend.


I would call myself an 'Optimist',

always pointing out the good.

With so much negative in this world,

It needs to be seen as it should.


'Singer' will be found in

the next few pages or so.

It's so easy to express myself

in the middle of a show.

If you watch me closely,

you can tell I have desire

to be heard everywhere

with my heart on fire.


Now, the next word I tell you

brings me the most joy.

Being an older 'Sister'

to a 14-year-old boy.

I'm not saying he's a saint

but certainly like no other.

He's genuine and has my back,

my best friend and little brother.


The next that will follow,

'Student' comes to mind.

I'm always booked and always busy,

it takes up most of my time.

I want to become a teacher

when school is finally done.

That is my number one goal,

then I can say my life's begun. 


Drawing nearer to the end,

'Thinker' jumps out at you.

I have so many ideas in my head,

I don't know which first to do.


Poem titles and story plots,

I will be old and gray

when the 'Writer' I am has written them all,

yet won't put the pencil away.


So there you have it, a few lines later

and as you can finally see,

I'm not just one word in a dictionary,

I am sincerely thirteen.



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