204 Words

She cannot tell them what she feels

Nor what she thinks in her tortured mind

Because if she does she knows how it will look

And deep down inside she cares what you think of her


Depression is word known by many

But many do not know what it means

Depression is a word that has no definition

Because it is hard to explain


Imagine you are in the ocean, surrounded by the gentle waves

One washes over you and pushes you under so you cannot breathe

Just as soon as you are able to recover

Another washes over your head


Depression is a word that no one speaks

Depression is word that has 100 meanings

Depression is a disease that has no cure


The cuts on her your wrists make depression seem more bearable

But really it's hurting you more

Your best friend wants to jump off a bridge

Because she feels this world doesn't need her anymore


Depression is a wild animal out of control

Depression is a killer stalking you down the street

Depression is a pre-made coffin made for you to lay down in


That is depression

The word that abuses

The #1 killer in the world


That is depression

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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