the 3 h's

today is june 20th, 2012, weather report in nyc is the 3h's hot, hazy, and humid
so hot that i want to hang out with the sun
so sticky that it feels like im taking a shower sweaty
so hazy that i feel like a roasted chicken in a hot train station
so humid, i dream about sleeping on the 4 train with the ac from bronx to brooklyn
so steamy that i feel like a crease of the iron
just stay cool my friends like the beer commercial, stay cool

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I think this is the first poem I've read of yours that doesn't have some deeper meaning to it. Or at least that I can see (pardon me if I'm wrong). I know how you feel, though. Summer's a killer down here.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thanks 4 the support
its a killer in nyc lol
thansk 4 the shoutout

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