The 5 W's

Okay, first off does anybody know what color matches with forest green?

And why every street corner’s starting to look like a crime scene?

Why do they got us locked up in school all day,

When going outside is healthier anyway?

And if he wasn’t as chubby and wasn’t always losing all his honey,

Would anyone find Pooh Bear even half as funny?

And if we lost all our freedoms like religion, speech and more

Would we complain about not going to war?

I don’t really know, I ain’t got an answer,

I’m just bouncin’ around like a freelance dancer

Why is it a ‘White thing’?

Why is it a ‘black thing’?

Why does Kevin Youkilis got such a whack swing?

And who the hell are you to say I’m too short to play hockey?

Crackin’ jokes like “you’re better built to be a jockey”

Why the hell you talking shit about the grind?

You’re talking behind my back? Keywords: “You’re behind.”

Is it frustrating you that I’m asking all these damn questions?

Have I given you a slight case of indigestion?

I’m just getting it off my mind, like medicine does congestion.

When are we going to find the cure to deadly cancers?

Is anybody even really searching for the answers?

What makes the world, is it people, or the Earth?

I’m asking all these questions for whatever it’s worth.

Hopefully these questions got you searching for the solution,

Maybe this here could be the start of the revolution

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Our world
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