90's Love

Give me that 90's kind of love , love
the love that doesn't focus
on materialistic things
the red bottom high heels
or the luscious gold watch
I want the love that is centered
on the thought, the actions
the love that speaks volumes
Baby write me love letters
talk to my mind, not just my body
caress my intellect through your words
Fuck buying me Gucci and pearls
your back rubs are worth millions
your fingers playing in my hair
as we Netflix and chill, babe
that's equivalent to silver and gold
Dates? Lets go on those baby
i can settle for a simple pizza
at an old pizza parlor downtown
im not looking to be fed lobster
with a golden spoon, no
im looking forward to feeding my face
while you sit across from me
and stare at me as if im a stack of gold
I like the fact that you're okay
with my eating habits boy
you stick with me and my temple
through its curvy thickness
and stick like thinness
Enjoy nature with me, lets play outside
bring back our fucked up childhoods
photograph me as i pick at pretty flowers
you smile behind the camera, why?
because you know im intrinsic
Thats all i ask for love
that 90's kind of love, love
thats all i want love, and its you
who i want that 90'S kind of love with 


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