About my Mentor

Sun, 09/30/2018 - 13:33 -- QamaraG

Q-uality time that we have spent together A-chievemnet that you have conqueredD-irection that you have given meE-ndless conversations we have had about the futureE-mpathy that you have shown me when I was in need R-espect that I have for you and you have for me A-mbition that you gave me to focus and continue my dreams  S-upport that I recieve everytime we talkI- ntellectual ideas that we come up with like a power teamS-piritual guidance you share to remind me to never forget GODT-alented person that seems to have unlimited skills E-duacated from the years of keeping your head in a book R- are because there is no one quite like you BIG SISTER 

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My family
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