Isn't a way to solve problems
Isn't a way to solve anything
except bring a person personality crashing towards the ground

It shattered up all of our hopes
making us feel hopeless, useless, and worthless
it makes us feel like were not capable of anything
throwing away all of our dreams that we want to achieve
throwing them all away

but it takes all to rise
and to show everyone that this is wrong
to show the world who we are
and to let us have a voice of our own

so, its time for us to stand up and fight
to raise our soul that we are something in life
that we are going to make a better difference for the next generation
and that we are prepare to whatever is coming at us

we are going to make people proud
and that we are not a quitter
to fight what we need is equality
that we are the same as everyone else

so let us hold hand and be strong
because we are all in this together


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