AChild Screams

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 21:43 -- Lime97


United States
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When you see or hear of a child getting raped, Is the first thing you ask did they escape? Or do you just not care, because it didn't involve you or someone you knew? Would you help a child, when it is being badly raped and hurt? Some kids are treated like dirt, Would you help a child when they scream? When you know you couldn't have imagined it in your wildest dream. Almost everyday kids get raped and hurt, guy's say it was the girl's skirt. If you're wise enough, temptation wouldn't be as rough. When a child screams, it's like a nightmare, except it's not a dream. Boys get raped as well, although most of them grow up to sell. They sell drugs or become a prostitute, instead some of them boys could be going to an institute. Most of them grow up to be like their dad, and have a life they don't deserve but is sad. Then most kids have friends that would bail, Now that one is sitting behind iron bars in jail. When a child wants help and scrams, run and get a cop and make them flash their light beams. Older people have schemes, just so they can hear an innocent child scream.

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