Adieu, Fear

Dear Fear,


You remember me, I’m sure.

You pick me apart at the seams.

You make me feel insecure,

And attack my self-esteem.


You know my pressure points,

Know just where to strike.

You make me weak in the joints

By scaring me, which I dislike.


However, this is my new step.

I’m done with the vile mind game.

Round and round we had leapt, 

But you must, will, be tamed. 


I no longer live in fear,

And I will never again wither. 

Don't send your acerbic leers

In the night, for I won't quiver.


I'm not the little meek girl

You used to enjoy tormenting.

Time placed me in the world,

My courage fermenting.


It was nice knowing you,

And here I bid adieu.

May we never meet again,

And the road rise to meet you.






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