It hurt, 
it hurt looking at him.
The betrayal within his arms,
his arms embracing another female. 
Eyes wide open, 
as she lays upon the memories,
the memories that once were a loving reality. 
That reality crumbled,
it crumbled into unspoken words, 
forbidden truth, 
and indecisive decisions.
She thought among the aspects of love,
love being brought forth by someone else.
She suffocates in the time she has wasted,
time that will not come back into play.
Feelings have been used,
feelings have been played,
feelings that she thought would stay.  
A feeling lost,
but never forgotten. 
Looking at the perpetual conversations mocking each other,
as each day seemed to have only been re-winded,
and replayed from the one before. 
Spiritless and bored,
the spark forever dulled. 
Divine will within the non persistent efforts to bring what once was,
to what once could be again died right along with the bond, 
the bond between individuals,
who once believed in eternity. 
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