You whispered in my ear

"I love you Han"

I melted a little

He never called me Han

He only called me Bitch

I fell in love with you right then and there

You made me feel so safe

I was finally home




I never knew you could be homesick 

for a person

until I met you

thank you

for loving

a girl so broken

yet so healed

because of you

I can walk into a resturant 

and order 

what I'd like

because of you 

I sing in the shower again

because of you

I can write again

because of you-

I'm alive

if you didn't talk me outta swallowing those 


I wouldn't be writing this trashy poem

but you made me see

I am worth it

I'm not a waste of space

I'm free

from him

from bruises

from lies

I'm free 

because you loved me

thank you

for making me realize 

its okay for me to be here

This poem is about: 



Beautiful, I love it.