With All My Heart And Soul

To the one who saved me,

You are truly a blessing

You came into my life with no warning

But it felt right, it felt natural

You came into my life, a flying admiral

It had been so dull, so painful

You came and turned it bright, forever I am grateful

I had lost the spark in my heart

I looked at the world and didn’t see art

But you came in with your bright smile

I knew I wanted to be with you for a long while

You inspire me to love others and myself

I was boat stuck in a bottle and you took me off the shelf

You inspire me to keep sailing

With your love that is never ending

I write this to you

Raw and real

Everything that I feel

Is laid out here

I hope you feel it, it’s written between the lines

I will love you, till the very end of time



To mi esposo, you are my heart in human form.