All the Time


All the Time

©2013 Donald George Zarlenga PhD,  all rights reserve universe wide.


I miss you in the night,

and long to hold, you,

and feel your hand reach out with mine.

Fingers feather soft touch, gently draw a line,

across my hand, in Shady Land.


I miss you in the silence, in the still,

in the tombstone dead I will.

Golden clowns and blackbird gowns,

wait only for the frost.


When I did not know, 

when still winds blew.

Golden one shines on.

I miss you all the time.   


Whispers on the wind, 

hope is gone again.

As days melt into years, 

gone are the tears.

I held you as the night fell.


Then the hollow eyes,

filled with empty skies.

Golden dreams did shine,  

when you were mine.

I miss you all the time.


I wish you were here beside me,

To feel your warmth, your feather-soft touch.

As we love thru the day.  Dreams.

Golden chariots and silky downs,

carry you and me.  

I miss you all the time.



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