Almost there, your in the making


2449 race st
United States
39° 45' 10.62" N, 104° 57' 49.7376" W

Just one job could open a door too a number of possiblities; and the one job that can change my life,

Is just around on the otherside

On the otherside of a degree,

But not just any degree 

A bachelor's of computer science degree  

I want to enter the complex world of technolgy

To be able to guide business' and industies

With programming and networking, even adminstrating!

  To help the world better understand the science of technolgy

In the world that's becoming more  advance ; higher understanding of the science

This is my dream job and it's all in the making,

Though I foresee obstacles that comes too everyone's mind; 

Is the money,

My tuition;

And that's why I'm looking for schalorships

I've been at the same crossroad before,

asking myself the same question many first time college students ask 

"Where do I look?'', ''How do I get them?'' 

''Where do I start?'

That's when I think to myself,

You'll never know unless you go for it! 



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