Alone, always alone I suffer.

Suffer, every moment in pain.

Pain, as my spirit is broken.

Broken-hearted, in the depth of love.

Love, given but never returned.

Returned, to my bitter status.

Status of being forever alone.

Alone, in body but not in mind.

Mind, full of murderous intent.

Intent, to maim only myself.

Self, spread thin as I cover your world.

Worlds of agony all in a day.

Days, of darkness so I ask you to pray.

Pray, for my soul as it slowly drifts.

Drifts, further away in silence.

Silent and always alone.

Alone, can you spare me this moment.

 Moments, gone forever unsaid.

Unsaid, are the pleas for your aid.

Aid, which I surrender without you asking.

Asking, for you the stay.

Stay, my heart’s infernal racing.

Racing for fear of being alone.

Alone, in truth so I hide it.

Truth, of my pain never ending.

Ending, this world of empty grief.

Grief, matched only by sorrow.

Sorrow, of a soul ever reaching.

Reaching, for the warmth of a familiar

Familiar, so that I should not be, alone.

Alone, in life foreboding.

Foreboding, the shade of time to come.

Come, my self-granted victory.

Victory, of death into glory.

Glory, being kin with the rest of this story.

Story of a man always alone.


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