There are so many people in the world

some are sweet

some are sour

yet you may not know if they are real or not

so its best to be alone


alone is something people like

some don't

being alone isn't too bad

we thinking more to our selves

no drama

every moment is quite and calm


yet being alone isn't always pretty

there is no one to talk to 

no events to go to

fun activities to do within groups

no bonds at all


To remind oneself is when being in a group

it means to be involve with almost everyting they do 

drama or gossip will occur 

bonds will be broken eventually

emotional phases come 


three is a crowd

two is enough

one isn't enough

in the end , being alone is better 



This poem is about: 
Our world



This poem is mostly about how being alone is the best thing in life since as much as anyone tries to not be alone, in th eend we all are going to be alone