Ambition is a thing of the past

If you do the most work you'll end up last


I wonder why I ever wanted to grow up

It's not easy it gets a little tough

And in this tough world that I'm facing

With all this competition it feels like I'm racing


But the race is not fair

Just like ambition, obstacles are not there

It's a thing of the past

Everyone looks for the easy way out but never calculates the math 


I used to do the same


Searching for that straight path

But one day I looked up and saw it was hard to grab


Where to go, what to do, what to even think

Been trying my very hardest and no one even blinks

They just stare while I work so hard

Pedal to the medal, where's my "good job" card


When you get older you see minimum reward

Just have to keep trying praying up to the lord


And who am I

Oh my word is ambition

Because I will continue to fight

Until I have completed the mission


No matter how high the mountain

Or how deep the sea

I will rise above it

While everyone watches me.

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