America, Our Home


America is my home
In no small way am I alone
but we don't want to be acting like fools,
so American society has to set a rule:
I watched a video of a man
Who talked about this ban
This ban of social disgrace
One ban that removes the talk of race
It "came to an end"
As society could no longer bend
To what was wrong in what they saw
In 1965, the last Jim Crow Laws.
Now, society called it good,
As many that made progress would,
But it didn't make everything right,
We still have to shed some light
Society had made a shrug,
And swept the issues under the rug
But once it was "forgotten"
We see witness of the misbegotten
Trayvon Martin shot in his hoodie
Barack Obama criticized for his natural boogie
Things that set the bar,
For one man in his car
Narvell Benning recorded the hate
The morning he ran late
The women with her kids
Had no shame in what she did
She screamed "F-ing Nigger!" 
Her voice growing bigger
Showing no remorse 
for the hatred she endorsed
I felt the dropping of my jaw
Disgusted in what I saw
Seeing what was here
Meant acknowledging my fear
My fear to never see the day
When intolerance of skin tone will go away
Even worse than the recorded video,
Was what the general public had to show
They showed their tattered judging souls
Letting racist pasts fill their bowls
Every person commenting was identified by their skin,
"You're saying that because you're one of THEM"
It didn't matter if you disagreed,
Your words twisted to fit your "breed"
So I went away defeated
My life story being cheated.
Apparently racism "will never be gone"
I should "accept the norm and move on"
As all society must be racist, 
just getting "better at hiding it"
But I refuse to accept this as true
I don't fit that assigned shoe
I don't find basis in this
Because my whole life has been mixed
We all know the stereotypes 
Flowing through society's pipes
But we can look past it
Unlike pipes, we don't have to be plastic
So stand with me to the last
With Martin Luther King Jr., and others of the past
Let it be known,
We don't want racism in our home.


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