American Boy

He got the eyes of a tiger.  He’s hotter than fire.

Not trying to lie, but he’s fresher than anyone else alive!

But what I realize; searching for my prize.

What I really want to enjoy is when I’ll have an American boy!

So hard to ignore.  So fun to emlpore.

Many guys try to go down with me all around the world.

But they couldn’t manage with this kind of girl.

But this one has that special motion.  Where do you think you’re going?

He’s not like any other.  He’s gotta be my lover.

He’s my special toy.  He’s gotta be my American boy!

Standing by his Cadillac with his hair pushed back.

Flexing his body; under his polo shirt.

I gotta touch that body as I’m wearing my velvet skirt.

You’re that kind of man that I can’t annoy.

But not just a man, but my American boy.


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