Mother says do this And that And this And that And this, but

some tasks are just impossible, And

the little girl pulling at her mother's arms And legs And ears And nose And hair, says

she wants a teddy bear And a pony And a puppy And popsicles for breakfast, lunch, And dinner, but

the mother has to tell her no, And

that she can't have everything she wants, And

the little girl has to face rejection, And many of us face rejection everyday, like...


A boy may ask a girl out and get rejected because she's not interested in him, and

she likes someone else, and 

vise versa And it's hard And difficult And troublesome And terrifying, And

some of us can't handle it, And

resort to drugs and alcohol, And

we use any type of substance to blind And hillucinate And cover us up from the truth, And


We are constantly in denial of the fact that in reality it's not either AND, but

either OR, And there's no such thing as AND, And

AND is a dream And a fantasy And non-realistic in decisions that impact you And your family And friends And neighbors And local peers And the world around you, And 

guess what? AND ISN'T REAL, And

you know what I say... Deal with it

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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