And after all was said

And after all was said and done,
we both knew who had won
You got down on your knees and begged me to stay
you're the reason I got on my knees and began to pray
I stayed in your bed
you stayed in my head
And I went on to forgive you repeatedly
even though you gave up on me so easily
Every day we'd argue and fight
but every night I'd fix it in fright 
You threatened to take your own life
tears rolled as you waved around your knife

I remember you so envious
you tried to kill both of us
You pulled the wheel
and my breaks let out a squeal

You've choked me
You've pushed me
You've grabbed me
You've punched me
You've tortured me

Why do I still love you?
What will you answer for?
Will you mourn or will you say
"Because I love you."



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