and sometimes we don't know

Lub Dub,

Lub Dub,

this is the noise your taught to hear as an emt,

this is normal,

but what happens when this noise is changed,

there's medical terms for it all,

but what happens when this is,

your loved one,

for me

it was,

at this point i didn't know,

before this we were invincible,

then suddenly we weren't,

i still recall my moms shakey voice,

your father,

had a heart attack,

Lub Dub,

Lub Dub,

i was 15,

i didn't understand,

my heart was racing and his could barely beat,

to this day i wish i could've ripped my heart out and put it in his chest,

to hear him say "I love you kiddo"

my life changed when a man in blue scrubs walked out,

"he made it but he won't wake up for a while"

my dad looked like he was a robot all plugged in,

the monitior beeped,

maybe to remind us,

he was alive,

maybe to remind us,

his heart was still there,

but that beep saved my life,

that beep reminded me life is valuable,

that beep inspired me to be the man in blue scrubs,

now i ride in ambulances and listen for each persons steady,

Lub Dub,

to remind me there is hope,

now i work to one day, 

be the man in blue scrubs.

This poem is about: 
My family


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