Sitting on the train tracks using all 17 to manifest the most sentimental and beautiful beam of white

All because of the time I got to spend with Joan while her skin glimmered in the light  

Remembering these brief moments in such a vivid way I wonder where they came from
Did they originate from the hippocampus or out of thin air? I’m absolutely stumped!


In Spain under the beaming rays of the on the golden shores of Ibiza

Palm trees swaying in the breeze and suddenly I acquire hyperkinesia

I fall to the ground covered in the hot sands of the European country

Suddenly, I realize that I am in my office and I’ve never been to Spain but . . . I am hungry


Where are these subtle memories coming from? Am I going mad?

Is there a word for remembering impressions of the past that I've never experienced? Is that bad?

This feeling of nostalgia for a time I’ve never known why is this being shown

To me? It is as if my body remains but my mind travels to Sierra Leone


Some days all I can think of is the dark dirty caves I mined in

My face covered in black soot and my clothes reeking of the stench of gin

The boots I’m wearing are torn and worn out

An amalgam of the aroma of rotting oranges and loam roamed about


I wonder if anyone else has felt this feeling

The feeling of anemoia, a feeling I wish I had a choice of fleeing



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