An Angel within Hell's Fire

People call me a liar and a hypocrite.

It hurts like heck.

I've been through Hell's fire in a literal sense

but I'm came out white as snow.

Born a beautiful black girl but still a slave

in every sense of the word.

On my Sweet Sixteen I got transfomed into the body of a boy

instead of a new car.

Met a great man in Atlanta

but he was on the run.

Now I can't try to get an identity

for an evil man drained my man's blood

within me

Much of a poem

this I know.

What is a poem

but a way to tell the truth.

Another man saved my life a year later

in Nashville.

He saw evidence

that I was tellin the truth.

Now I'm an Angel within Hell's Fire

for I help others even though there ain't nohin

that I can do for myself.


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