Heavy breathing, heart pitting against your chest irritating you further




Can you hear your blood pulsing and swishing?

Can you feel it?

Why is red and black such pretty colors?

How do I vent?

My wrath is hungered for a divine retribution to be delivered!

Ahh, to feels like a high if I've ever had one.

Do I have a heart right now, or is it just anotherone of those organs we need to survive.

A figurative heart I what I need.

My brain still works, but I feel my mind is gone.




My eyes.

Are they draining...i thought i was....angry....

,but all I feel is pain. Pangs they are.

This is what it feels like to have a heart.

I feel too much.

It hurts.

I'd rather the anger. I'd rather the numbness, than to feel the pain of this sadness.






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