Mon, 02/12/2018 - 14:41 -- Attica

It's not a bad thing, if it can be controlled

If it can be caged until it is useful

If it is just an emotion and not a reason


Anger can be red, buring

Tearing you apart from the inside out

Making you want to explode

To lash out

To make them understand how much

It's just not fair or right.

Anger can be fire


Anger can be cold, frozen

Seeing and knowing you're angry

But not showing it

The more angry you are the less you show

It makes you understand, that they just don’t

And you want to tell them

You want them to realize

or apologise for something that was done or said

But what's done is done and what's said is said

So you just freeze your soul and stop feeling

Anger can be ice


It is a  tool

One that is often misused and misplaced

And caused by all kinds of misunderstandings

One that can drive you to do better

Or tear your life into shreds

Anger is the knot over your head

when you see a cheater prosper

Or a failure win without trying

You find it tiring to have to not


Just to not get angry or hurt them

Because anger catches

Weather it's intended

it spreads like a plague

And the only cure is for someone to stop and breathe

And not blame others for their shortcomings

To live like every other person is the MVP

And you are just and accessory

meant to be put back in the closet after use

and never seen again



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