Another Day

I cannot recall how it began, I do not know how it will end

I remain unapologetic and indifferent while I play pretend

Are the droplets on my face those of the rain or of my own tears?

Am I all alone or does anyone else hear the whispers that I hear?


I have long lost all in life and I have long lost all sense

I have tried to quit once before but it is just too intense

To this day I still pray to a God, although no one appears

Slowly losing my faith and quickly gaining immature fears


Never have I been ashamed of the lies that I have told

Never have I regretted all the dangers that I have sold

I am left feeling paranoid as the smoke goes to my head

Although there is nothing for me to do but to inhale it again


Where is the love? Where is the light?

Who is with me as I survive the night?

I am searching for the next dose, searching for the next pill

In truth, nothing ever changes and I doubt anything ever will

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