******* Another Typo love *******

Love... Now when you hear that word, what comes to mind... .. A strong feeling of affection for someone...?A great interest and pleasure in something...?  Is love a choice made for gains that awaitOr maybe a law which you dare not break? Well, None of these comes close to what i have for her,...Strange as it may sound,I love her... But not that typo love  Much as i don't want to,... Lord knows,Even though she has been through lots of woes...  Cursed with this blessing, its no secret EVEN HER BLACK HISTORY REVEALS IT SHE, IS still the ENVY of her peers, long After these backward years Maybe that's why she seems indifferent, i mean,Who could blame her...MOLESTED by family,-  EXPLOITED by those TRUSTED  to protect her,Which is Why it remains a mystery,How she still stands with pride till this day, when neighbors, who sipped from same cup wereSwept away... .... Now She,  prides herselfIn the death scars she survived, which is whyEvery October 1st is Happy Survival because it reminds herOf how far she has come, even though Uncertain of the road ahead - she is ready for the ride And yes, she may not be the wealthiest, ...  but she's blessed, which is why,Even in the midst of recession she go on recess ... and finds a reason to smile.. Little wonder record suggests SHE is the earth's happiest... But i get sick .... hearing repeated tales, of her  ''good Old Days"Painting her in faded shades, I love her but.. do not be deceivedIf i had my way, don't think I won't leave,Because i cannot stand to watch her bleedNeither have my seed pay for Strange sins.. And Does she love me back..?Please do not ask... This is no separation cos,No matter how far i roam she,Is a Home my heart knows ... She is my Country,NIGERIA...And i love her... But!NOT THAT TYPO LOVE...  JERRY S.NMODU


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My country
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