The color of my face, the wind in my hair

Are all symptoms of the life I bear.


Chilling bursts with the warmth of the sun,

Are contradictions of the life I’ve won.


The taste of a kiss that lingers from lips

Is the reminder of a long loving bliss.


Yet horror lingers in the depths of my heart,

As silent terrors tear me apart.


I hold on so tight I forget to breath

While shaking I fear all love will leave.


Logic exists, worry overpowers

I fear I’ll loose my life in just hours.


Knees in my chest, exhausted with questions

I fall into a state of possession.


These thoughts are not mine, yet they come from within

I writhe and fall from this original sin.


Yet in tact I stand, holding my head

While I all I can think is: I am already dead.


I’m dead in my mind, void of emotion

Alone and recoiled; nearly broken.


Don’t tell me to calm down. Don’t say I’m fine.

I do not feel as I did in the opening line.


Though invisible, my attacker can see,

So why can’t you see what he does to me?

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