Anxiety, my lifelong "friend"...

Dear Anxiety,


Please leave me alone.

( Why?)

You do not need to constantly question every action I make

(Are you sure?)

In fact, Anxiety, we are perfectly fine without you. We are a fully-functional adult.


Those people talking in a small cluster aren’t talking about you, you have nothing to fear.

(They could be)

No one is judging how many breaths you take or how deep they are.

(Slow down just in case)

No one noticed that your teeth are yellow.

(Brush harder, the blood means it working)

No one is judging your outfit, no matter how tight or loose.

(Well maybe if you’d change one more time)

The group of peers aren’t talking about how you fell flat on your face 7 years ago.

( How do you know, the whole school saw)

The teacher that you see exhausted at her desk, isn’t tired of work or your questions

(Maybe you shouldn’t ask another question, just put your hand down)

Everytime a teacher ask “ What did you say?” She’s not angry

(She did sound irritated)

Each time you go home and your finally away from everyone, you don’t have to cry

( It always make you feel better)

When your mother is agitated for seemingly no reason, it’s not your fault.

(But if I wasn’t here she’d be better off)

Because anxiety with or without you, I am still me.

(But what are you?)

I am broken.


I am weak.


But I am still standing.


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