Anxiety's Pantoum

Fri, 07/20/2018 - 21:27 -- Taj.G

The air is so thick that it sticks to my lungs

But I keep walking anyway because I want to get home

Sweat is dripping down my scalp into my eyes

I wipe it away with the heel of my hand


I keep walking because I want to get home

My stomach grumbles from the lack of food inside it

My calves are starting to ache and tense

My hands are beginning to shake


My stomach grumbles from lack of food

I feel my breath growing shallower

A man walks by me, looks, and smiles

But his eyes seemed to pierce into my skin


My breath, its getting shallower

The walls around me are starting to grow taller

My bones shake and rattle, leaves in the wind

The tears are aching to spill


The walls around me grow thicker

Th eyes all pierce into my soul

Hands close around my throat, I'm suffocating 

My own eyes move wildly, screaming for help


The eyes all slice through my soul

And the sounds are like megaphone aimed at my skull

And I just want it to all end, right here, right now

As I am shackled there with a board in my hand


And the sounds are louder than megaphones aimed at my skull

And I want to bang my head to stop it

And the air is thick and crushing my lungs

So I start running, because all I want to do is go home 

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