We were out on the sea,

My brother and me,

Having a jubilee

By fishing.

Trout, halibut, salmon galore.

But then he wanted to go back to shore

Because he was sore.

He promised tomorrow we’d fish some more.

So we went to shore and returned home,

My heart filled with glee,

Knowing tomorrow my brother would fish with me.


I was at the pond,

Waiting for my brother.

He never showed up.

I grew concerned, but then it dawned on me:

It was that special day.

That girl and him have that bond, I thought.

Him and his lover.

Why didn’t he tell me or mother?


But I shrugged off the feeling and cast the line,

Knowing the catch would be divine.

Something made me feel heavy, though,

And my head hung low.

I wish I had a lover, I pleaded to the heavens.

Someone I could hold tight,

No one who would start a fight.

A girl I can kiss with so much bliss.

Oh well, it will have to stay a dream.

That’s when something yanked the line.


My heart began to pound

And my head spun round

With excitement.

I bid the line return, and it did.

Had I caught a squid?

Wait: in a pond? Nonsense!

As the line and reel slowed down,

I became suspicious:

Don’t fish put up a fight?

I guess it wanted to see the light.


Then all went silent.


I finished reeling in the last few inches,

My only company being finches.

The water parted to reveal a pale, slender arm,

Holding onto my line,

Like an animal climbing up a jungle vine.

It was frightening at first; just an arm?

The water sensed my fear and moved aside,

And what I saw made my heart glide.

A girl, the girl of my dreams, poking through

The transparent surface.

Her crystal eyes sparkled with timidity,

Brighter than any star.

Her black and teal hair could amaze from afar.

And those rosy lips: full, tender,

Just waiting for me to plant a kiss on them.

Must she hide this beauty in the pond?


“Why don't you climb up to the dock?

Let us hold hands, and to the stars we’ll flock!

You’ll be my sun; I’ll revolve around you,

If I fling off orbit, you will catch me,

If you implode, take me with you.

Let us rule the galaxy, as happy as can be!”

But she shook her head with disappointment and said,

“I can’t. I have no way to climb that dock

And flock with you to the stars.

It’s been my lifelong dream, though,

To feel the loving hands of the grass,

Feel the caressing breath of the wind.

But it's a sin to cross ground my kin

Has not yet covered.”


Confusion was settling in, and an eyebrow rose.

“Is the dock too high?” I asked.

“Should I reach down and help you up?

Here, grab my hand.

Let me pull you up onto the land.”

She became hesitant, but obeyed,

And stretched out a beautiful hand with

Slender fingers and long, polished nails.

I held that hand, smooth skin stroking mine,

And both our eyes began to shine.

Standing up, backing up, with all my might,

I pulled her out of the pond and into the light.

She was surprisingly lightweight, and

Therefore I collapsed backwards from pulling with all my might.

That’s when I encountered an unexpected fright.


She flew up onto the dock and

Fell with a wet thud.

A teal, glowing flipper was

Replacing her legs.

It was gasping for breath like any fish would,

But snapped lively like a crisp flower bud.

Every whip like crack caught me off guard,

My heart beating faster, fast as it could.

The fright fizzled away, and love took its place.

It was better than I had expected:

Girls and mermaids were both fascinating beings,

So mysterious, so beautiful… this, however,

Was a different case.


“Now do you understand?” she asked with disappointment.

“We cannot cross your ground because we have

No way to cross it.

This tail has been my bloody burden.”

Shocked, I questioned to her, “How can you be certain?”

She did not conjure up an answer, and she

Slithered back into the prison of a pond.

But I would not let her leave my sight,

For I had grown too fond.

“If only I could join you down there,” I wished.

“Unfortunately, I have no flipper.

I am unable to swim alongside you;

Thus, this passionate love I feel for you

Will cause me great pain.”


Then those crystal eyes of hers lit up.


Without any words, she took my hand

And yanked me off my feet and the land.

As I left the ground, I let out a yelp,

But right before catching some air.

I sunk into the pond, my eyes

Covered by my wavy hair.

After moving the locks, I looked around.

Nothing; everything was dark,

Except for my love, who glowed brilliantly.

Her smile made her seem brighter.

Suddenly, my chest began aching,

Lungs growing tighter and tighter; I had run out of air.

I began to frantically swim back up to the sky,

But she grabbed my arm and pulled me down.

Before I knew it, her lips grasped mine, and

There was never a feeling more divine.


As we shared this moment of bliss,

My chest loosened up and I could breathe.

There was no more need to struggle,

There was no more pain, and no more loneliness.

My eyes lit up, and I could see.

The darkness moved aside, the vibrant

Blue not to be dismissed.

All of a sudden I was surrounded:

Trout, halibut, salmon galore.

Strange; I could never see these from the shore.

“Down here, everything thrives,” she said to me.

“Even those you would normally find in the sea.”

I gasped in amazement and spun around,

Captivated by everything.


“Why, you live in this wonderful place?” I asked.

“Yes. I roam freely, all the time.

I’m content with not having a permanent home.”

She frowned slightly and turned away.

“However,” she said, “I hate being alone.”

I felt sympathetic and gently caressed her hand.

“Me too,” I said. “Just the thought brings me to tears.”

Suddenly an idea popped into my head.

“But if I remain here,” I continued,

“You and I wouldn’t be alone.

You and I could stay together for years!

I am willing to give up life on land if it means

I get to hold your hand.”

This comment brought a smile to her face as she faced me,

And she embraced me with glee.

Then together we swam away from the land and the shore,

And we made our way to the sea,

Where we remained together, her and me.

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