The Architect

Mon, 03/24/2014 - 17:27 -- gg1177

In the ruins, I was born

to a mother but no father

a female child

with chocolate skin

just another young pretty thing

with dreams of big things

in a city of lost hopes

The girl wanted to build big things

houses, buildings, places

in a field that was not her own

she built herself

and her dreams followed her

She will rise past expectations

letdowns, down falls, and hatreds

she will become the first

she will be the architect

Her insecurities

will evaporate

and her oppressors

will cower in shame

her father will watch

as she steps on his name

The dream job, her career

will make me

into tomorrows' woman

change my gray skies to blue

give me a purpose in the world

show my father

and shower my mother

save my family

and help my beloved brother

If one job shall change me

let it be in the form of the buildings

let me create them to be innovative

let my mind flow

overly creative

let me go, let me be

let one job change me

I will be the architect







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