Are They Ready


I am a creature, one they call human
One that was born to live in a society where filters identify me
Every selfie
Everay smile
Every scar
Filters identify me
Some would like to see who I am behind these oval framed glasses, this bright smile, and intellectual mind
No filter, they ask for
No filter they want to see
But are they ready to see the true creature within me?
Are they ready to see me without the shame and bashfulness that was released upon Adam and Eve when they ate the apple?
Are they ready to see me yell, scream and shout?
To shake the real power within me?
Release all the rage and words that brew within
The "I love you" , "I hate you" "please don't go"
Are they ready to explore the confines and contours of a creature with power the carrier of that mind can't even decipher?
Tell me, are they?
Call me zealous or lustful for wanting to delve into my uncensored, unfiltered being; the sinner according to the social confines of today.
So tell me, are they ready?

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