Artist of Words

Listen closely, 

I'll tell you this

I may not can draw,

But I'm an artist


I place word by word

Line by line

I create art


Do not judge what I present,

Your critical words 

have no meaning

Art is a world of its own

And the artist dwells in this place


I may not can paint,

But I create images

Word by word, 

Page by page

I create a world

Full of wonder and woe,

Friends and foes


Come into the darkness, 

Turn within,

Welcome the night, 

He's and old friend.


Listen, closely,

I'll tell you this,

I may not be good

 in your head,

But I'm an artist.


I'm an artist that tells stories,

I paint an image within my mind

I describe it,

Recreate it,

I draw outlines of distinct shapes

I describe what I see,

I use what I know

What I've seen

What I've done

Where I've been


I'm an artist-

An artist of words

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