Artists that saved me

To the artists who saved me

Inspired me

But yet still are saving me every day

Thank you

Rupi Kaur

Liberation drove me to the mic

Stephen chbosky

“ we accept the love we think we deserve”

Will forever be my favorite quote

And Jk rowling

You taught me love creates strength

To the love that dog

Because so much does

Depend “ upon a blue car

Splattered with mud

Speeding down the road”

Cheryl strayed

You walked for us all

You taught me the importance of self forgiveness

And  how it is never too late

Jon Krakauer

You tell the stories that need to be told

And thank you

Because not many see the stories of the world

And aretha franklin

You taught how to one

Spell respect

But two how to demand it

And etta james

You told the world it’s okay

To feel

To have soul

And scream it aloud

The beatles

You are my first record

And  you taught me to just let it be

Steve jobs

You were probably a dick

But you pushed for your art

Freedom writers

Your work led me to believe in a world that was capable of peace

Betty friedan

I fucking wrote a 7 page essay on you

But you were an artist with your actions

And femine mystique blew the housewives out of the water

But there are so many i could

So let's go with my other  people in my life

Siblings you are artists

You are create

You have saved me so many times

With your words

Your writing

Your paintings

Your actions

Your drive

And vogue

You are a poet who opened my poems

And to all of you out here today

Your work shines

You all tell a story

Mr. flynn

Writing class

Is my class i need

I would be failing school without it

It is an antidote


You are my best friend

I mean it when i say

You are the most genuine

You have the best stories

And my parents deal with me

You love me

Even when i push you away

Close you off

And you still open me up

Make me feel safe again

So thank you

To all the artists

It is because of you

I stand up here today


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My community


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