Tue, 07/05/2016 - 04:28 -- Cynerah

 When I forgot to singIt killed me slowlyLooking past all the thingsThat once made me human And in my mysteryA dreary smile Memories stay far from meThe weak and alone I walked a short wayThough my legs danced as if a mileConcoctions just like meYet with them I refuse a smile Asphyxiation for every timeI was infested on their mindWishing to play pretend Pretend,I could beOut,yet wantedI want to look like myself I beg her not to do it  A gothic miseryGloom that will not waverI wash away myself Clash my blood with the paper May you hear my thoughts whisperingThe lovely song I cannot singAnd I will be human again With all the internal damaging That I have brought upon myselfI lay and play pretend 


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