The Awaken Night

A silent night sound as lullaby and 

the sky is always as light of millions of suns

The moon is like a sunflower with color of 

brightness ocean blue.


I come across the shallow window

and clearly sight the night awake

for the first time since hundreds years

of depart from human world.


The suns dance in formation of sunflower 

and the moon shine its yellow brightness

to bring attention of nature magic.

A world without the night turn into a dry desert.


The awaken night brought upon my mind of what is the

beauty blinds the sun, moon, and sky

If I dare to take outside of shield,

the lifeforce punishment me into sleep.


Time to return with living in the shadow

until the night once more awake someday

Come back here and shine upon the shallow house

and set me free from eternal unfaithful, deadly prison.



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