That Awesome Feeling of Happiness

It’s when you smell your favorite fragrances 

And hear your favorite songs wherever you go 

It’s that feeling only memories and moments can muster

Much deeper than contentment, 

Something that others can’t initiate 

An Intense inner joy

Lifted cheeks and wrinkled eyes,

A crooked smile on careless faces 

It’s December.

Seeing snowflakes flaunt their ethereal beauty

And melting at the mention of spring, 

It’s the cool breeze of March through May,

Lasting all the way to those summer days,

When we watch sunsets cast golden rays on calming waves

It’s the thrill of our youth 

And the satisfaction in our old age

It’s knowing that nothing last forever, even cold November rain

It’s taking the steps to making these moments timeless

It’s love. 

Your first kiss, 

Your mother’s warmth, 

Your father’s protection,

It’s sublimity. 

Not aesthetically,

But in possibility

It’s simplicity.

That 9 AM feeling on a Sunday morning with a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch and cartoons

Or sitting in traffic, feeling low as ever, and suddenly hearing an old tune

And then you’re dancing

And your windows aren’t tinted 

But you’re still singing and dancing 

In the middle of traffic 

And everyone is staring 

But you’re the only one who truly sees




Thanks for reading my poem! I would love if you could share this on one or more of your social media platforms! I am applying for a scholarship so that I will be able to afford class registration and books for those classes.. Needless to say, I really need this scholarship and I'd be very grateful if you could help me get my poem around! 


Thanks again and don't forget to share! 

-Megan Francis 



Keep up the good work cuz love your poem.


Keep up the good work cuz love your poem.


thank you ! 

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